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Price for services at the KC Family Center.  Your first choice in Reception Hospitality.

Please note.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Actual price will be determined by your contract.

Reservation fee $500.00

Main Building Rental Rate:

Friday $750.00 Saturday $1,200.00 Sunday $500.00 Weekday $500.00

Auxillary Building (Sunday-Thursday) $75.00

Patio and or Lawn Over 50 persons per head cost, includes setting up outside tables & chairs: $2.00

Table Service

Table Linen (per table) $8.00 Skirting (linear foot) $2.00 China per setting $3.00 Dishwashing Extra @$20.00 per hour

Pop per canister: $50.00
Beer per keg: $195.00
Wine per box: $50.00
Champange per bottle: $35.00
Wine cooler, each: $3.00
Coffee per gallon: $25
Hard Liquor: negotiable
Corking fee

All pricing except building rent may vary until contract is signed and completely paid.
Please note:  The KC's Family Center is a smoke free environment.