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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  Are guests allowed to use their own caterer?
A:  Yes, but the caterer must have insurance to cover their actions and the caterer may NOT use the kitchen.

Q:  What are the prices for catering and beverages?
A:  See price list.  The price of our (KC) caterer includes the use of the Family Center.  No additional donation is required for the use of the building.

Q:  What are the hours that the building will be open?
A:  10:00 am to Midnight on the day the Family Center is reserved.

Q:  Can we use the date before or after our event?
A:  Yes, for half the regular rate if that date is available at the time of your reservation.

Q:  Do you offer discounts?
A:  Yes, Express and Of Season Rentals are half price.

Q:  What is the maximum seating capacity of the Family Center?
A:  310 persons.
Please note:  The KC's Family Center is a smoke free environment